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Aardman Studgame ios & Shaun the Sheep present a new Home Sheep trang chủ adventure

Shaun the Sheep’s compelling platform puzzle game, trang chủ Sheep Home is back! This Farmageddon Party Edition contains all the much loved game play from the previous trang chủ Sheep Home games, now remastered for Nintenvày Switch with a wealth of new features and buổi tiệc ngọt games to play with family & friends.

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Coming soon to lớn Hatch on Android Smartphone.

Join Shaun the Sheep và his friends Timmy & Shirley on this epic adventure journeying through underground caverns, negotiating the busy streets of London and teleporting through outer space all in tìm kiếm of the green, green grass of home page.

Let"s Ewe This!

Overcome the fiendishly challenging puzzles by working as a flochồng with new multiplayer features, using each sheep’s chất lượng abilities khổng lồ solve sầu challenges và shove, leap, squeeze and swim through underground tunnels, abandoned mineshafts - và even evade the guards at Buckingham mê Palace.

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All new multiplayer Baaa-tle

A br& new suite of action-packed, Shaun the Sheep movie themed tiệc nhỏ games bring some extra-terrestrial chaos to the farm with a visit lớn the Farmageddon theme park where you can compete with family và friends in a series of madcap fairground games hosted by Shaun’s new alien pal Lu-La, who has crash-landed near Mossy Bottom Farm.

Lovingly Lamb-made animation

Brought lớn you by award winning animation studio Aardman the game features a beautiful hand-painted & traditionally animated art style, spectacular environments and endearing character animation.

nhận xét for Home Sheep trang chủ 2...

“It"s like some sort of adorable vortex you never want khổng lồ leave...there"s something khổng lồ be said for a game that goes out of its way to excel at style and chất lượng, and Home Sheep Home 2 definitely has both by the bushel.”

4.7/5 – Jay Is Games

“What’s more impressive sầu about this game is how little is reused. Basic puzzle mechanics stay throughout (only by stepping on the button can you open the door) but the flow of the puzzles doesn’t repeat. Like Braid and Portal before it, there’s a desire to always present the player with new challenges, & it works. One moment you might be evading a giant boulder, only khổng lồ be grabbing parachutes mid-air the next.”

9/10 – Thunderbolt Games

“It looks lượt thích many of you really looked forward to this title on the forums, và I can say that it"s taken all the concepts from the first game & made them bigger và better, and it doesn"t disappoint in its execution.”

4/5 – cảm ứng Arcade

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