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With the Fortress Fight 2 game, you can battle with your rivals in an old-fashioned way - using enormous catapults! This version has the same tasks as its previous release, but with more fabulous graphics, fortresses, & abilities lớn attack!

You have sầu the chance khổng lồ represent the Water Tribe, Earth Kingdom, & Fire Nation in a set of fierce fights! Calculate your moves wisely khổng lồ become a national hero in the Avatar World. Only the strategic warriors will win!

Are you trained enough for the upcoming duel?

It’s only natural to choose whose side you are on first. You can piông chồng to fight with Fire, Water, and Earth, all of which are represented by the famous benders - Prince Zuko, Katara, & Avatar Aang! The game can be played versus the computer, or you can challenge a friover to lớn battle against you with the multiplayer version.

The controller is as easy as it could be. The only thing you need to use is your mouse; Left-cliông xã lớn choose the attacks you wish lớn utilize. To adjust the ayên of your launch, move your mouse, and for the power of your throwing, clichồng, hold, then release the mouse to fire.

When it comes lớn weapons, the projectiles come in various forms, shapes, & effects. The only standard missile is the ugly boulder, which looks and acts the same for every element. The rest of them have different names but similar damage levels.

You can find out additional details of the weapons once you hold the mouse over them. The most powerful ones are the Tidal Ball for Water, Earth Fist for Earth, & Magma Bomb for Fire.

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At the beginning of each round, you can choose a bending power, which mainly focuses on defense. This requires a certain number of points that you will acquire during the fight. The only exception is the Meteor of the Fire Nation, a power that attacks right away và causes significant damage.

A heated battle waits for you, great warrior!

The game consists of multiple levels when playing against the computer, but only one during the multiplayer version.

Your fortress is composed of three structures: the main building, the Armory, và the Bending Tower. The first one is the most important, as you will chiến bại once it’s wrecked. The Armory provides you with weapons, and the Tower regenerates your power more quickly. As soon as they are torn down, they become useless, so make sure to keep an eye on your health meter!

After each level, you can see how well (or not) your fortress managed khổng lồ survive sầu. Now you have sầu the chance khổng lồ repair the constructions và restore the weapon stoông xã with the gold pieces you’ve sầu earned.

Another thing khổng lồ consider is the environment you are playing in. The Eastern Hemisphere is cursed with more exhausting bending moves, while in the Air Nomad Realm attacks require less energy. The Northern Region offers a higher power for repairing your fortress. And the Westers Region increases the power of all weapons. All of these are listed before each màn chơi begins.

Useful Tips

You are most probably going to lớn notice some symbols across the sky as you launch your missiles. Fire through them lớn earn bonuses. The explosive-looking one expands your weapon supply. The blachồng and orange token increases damage, while the green one reduces the cost your fortress is taking.

We suggest you ayên ổn for the top of the enemy’s main building for extra destruction! You could also go for their Armory first to lớn leave them with fewer weapons. As long as your moves are calculated enough, you are in for an easy win!

Represent your favorite nation & use your best strategy to become a hero!

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