My fanfic for Dragon Ball! It takes place three years after the events of Dragon Ball GT. Please Enjoy!DISCL... More

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Dragon Ball Infinity Vol. 1 (A DB FanFic)


My fanfic for Dragon Ball! It takes place three years after the events of Dragon Ball GT. Please Enjoy!DISCLAIMER: I do not own the rights to lớn DB, DB...

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   In The Desert...   It has been three long years of peace for the Earth after Omega Shenron was defeated by the likes of Goku, Vegeta, & the rest of the Z-Fighters. The battle was long & hard, và the heroes have sầu enjoyed their small break from having to lớn save sầu the world. But, that peace would not last much longer, as an old, forgotten foe was still around...

"Whis! Go fetch my staff!" bellowed the King Of Destruction, a cat-like creature named Beerus. ((a/n: He has these a lot.))

"Y-yes, my king!" answered Whis, a servant of Beerus and second-in command. I hate being so lowly to lớn him! Who does he think he is?! Whis thought. He wished he could express himself out loud, but he can't as Beerus could kill hyên at a moment's notice. He had lately been thinking about how lớn get back at the arrogant king, but has had no luck trying to find out how to turn the tables. He had been researching one way, however. One way, that could put Beerus in his place for good!At Chi-Chi' s House...

"But Mom, I don't want to lớn go to lớn college!" exclaimed Goten. He had just finished high school recently, and no sooner than he had his diploma was his mother rushing hyên to go to college.

"Goten, you're going, và there's nothing you can say to get out of it!" replied Chi-Chi. She knew her son didn't want lớn spkết thúc more time on his education. He had just finished high school, after all. But she wanted the best for him. She wanted Goten to lớn be like his older brother Gohan, who is currently working as an accountant for Capsule Corporation's calculation team. ((a/n: Try saying that five times fast!))

"But Moooommmmm...." Goten says as he drags out the o-sound for dramatic effect, "if Dad gets to fight in the world martial arts tournament, why can't I?"

"Goten, you're not going to lớn that tournament, & that's final!"

"There's a cash reward though, Mom!" pleaded Goten.

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Chi-Chi thought for a bit. "How much cash?"

"Over 9,000 Zen!" moaned Goten. ((a/n: See what I did there?))

"What?! That's enough lớn pay off your tuition times five! Okay, you can go." gasped Chi-Chi.

"Yes! Well, better go meet Trunks lớn train. Bye, Mom!" Goten hugged his mother and flew off.

At Kami' s Lookout...

"Aye, Goten! How ya been, buddy?" said Trunks. Goten & Trunks had been practically inseparable since they were children. Trunks has been up here training for a while now, however.

"Hey, can't complain." replied Goten.

They didn't really have sầu to lớn say much more. They already knew what the other was thinking. It was time lớn train. ((a/n: Woo! Time for some action!))

As the fighting commenced, Trunks quickly went in for a punch at Goten' s jaw. Goten knew Trunks too well, & dodged. Goten then launched a quick kichồng at the baông chồng of Trunks' head. Trunks was wary for a moment, but quickly regained his senses và blasted a small energy wave at Goten. It was enough khổng lồ bởi damage, but not enough to lớn finish the fight or hurt Goten too badly. The fighting was interrupted with a power surge from off in the distance.