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a game by Electronic Arts Los Angeles
Platform: PC
User Rating: 7.5/10 - 12 votes
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Lest that sound a bit cruel, C&C4"s failure lớn reach the heights of its predecessors is not face-of-Kane Joe Kucan"s fault. If anything, he"s the only tolerable actor in this, who, in the few moments the script makes sense, tries to lớn add a little subtlety to a character who"s previously been a pantomime villain. His distractingly less-than imperious voice is just the final straw in a massive sầu haystack of lousy production values and even lousier plotting.

This is the over of a long-running C&C storyline. EA promised us we"d find out who Kane is & what he really wants. We don"t. We get some more hints which simply repeat what"s gone before, and a big dumb cliff-hanger which doesn"t give any closure. The supporting cast, all newcomers to the story và actors you won"t recognise, are either a) annoying, b) terrible, c) constantly crying, or d) annoying, terrible và constantly crying.


If you"ve been following C&C story, in all its campy, contradictory and clearly made up as it goes along glory, since the early "90s, then you may not have the highest expectations of its storytelling ability. Even so, this so-called conclusion will leave sầu you thumping your desk and readying angry letters containing the repeated use of the word "disgusted" as it comes to lớn its final, woeful cutscene.

Long-running sci-fi has a habit of ending unsatisfyingly, but unlike, say, Battlestar Galactica (which, in music & in sets, C&C4 borrows hilariously liberally from) and its silly religious finale, this doesn"t even try lớn give answers. It"s poppycochồng of the highest order. You heard me: poppycock!

There is, of course, much more to this game than videos starring a bald guy with a small beard. C&C is the populist father of real-time strategy games, and the longest-running series in the genre. Presumably, this is just the same-old build a base và go bash another guy"s base routine, right? Absolutely not. This isn"t so much throwing the baby out with the bath water as it is drowning every other baby on the street in the process. Take away the cutscenes và there"s no way you"d guess this is a C&C game. Base building and resource collection is gone, replaced by a class-based system centred around re-spawning Crawlers.

These huge machines are both factory & major unit, varying in build options and ability depending on if you opt for Offence, Defence (Ss & have changed to lớn Cs to lớn protect innocent British minds) or Support class. No tiberium or power is necessary lớn spit out their pitifully small armies of soldiers, tanks, planes & robo-suits - simply time. A bafflingly small population cap means you"ll very rarely field more than a dozen units, so 5v5 multiplayer bl matches are your only hope of seeing anything like the scale of olden C&Cs.It"s important lớn be clear here: this is not an inherently bad concept, và EA LA"s intentions are worthy. You don"t need to memorise build orders or make constant beelines for tiberium fields. You just need to build an army and throw it at various prescribed points on the bản đồ.

The strategy comes from ascertaining which units are best for any given fight -pretty strict roông chồng, paper, scissors stuff -and which capture point to sover them khổng lồ. The simplicity of building, and the fact your Crawler can re-spawn, means pretty much anyone can manage khổng lồ kill some stuff, & in doing so earn some experience points.


Ah, XP.. And so we come lớn C&C4"s second critical failure.Levelling up và unlocking new stuff is all the rage, says Gary Greyson, Man In The Grey Suit With The Grey Computer Full Of Grey Spreadsheets About Money. Thus, all games should vì it Even if they"re not at all suited to lớn it. This isn"t like Dawn of War IFs Diablo-compulsive loot system - it"s about unlocking the units themselves. Want a Scorpion tank? Tough. Not until you"ve played as Nod for about five sầu hours. How about a GDI Mammoth? Yeah, give sầu it a couple of weeks.

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These are not lovely bonus toys heaped on top of an overflowing box of delights. These are the game"s core units, drip-fed lớn you over days or weeks, and only in response to successfully killing tons of enemies & levelling up. Jump immediately online the day you buy the game, & you"ll have sầu access to lớn about four units. Sure, hitting Tier 2 only takes a few missions or matches, and will double that roster, but it"s absurd. It"s insane. It"s ludicrous. It"s preposterous. It"s being made lớn wait & to work for something you"ve sầu paid for, not patting you on the head for doing well. It"s one thing to lớn unlochồng a variant weapon in an online shooter, but denying you access to lớn most of the tech tree until you"ve sầu put the hours in is not how RTS games work.


Unlocked units are supposed lớn provide choice instead of advantages, but that"s utter nonsense. It is possible lớn win by swarming a Tier 3 enemy with Tier 1 units, but it"s harder going và not much fun. To the game"s credit, XP.. is earned from multiplayer, single-player, co-op and skirmishes alike, but it"s still a long road khổng lồ the best stuff.

As a final smaông chồng upon your red-raw buttocks, the two factions - GDI và Nod - have sầu to lớn be levelled up separately. You don"t have to fight hard and fight well to lớn get everything - you just have lớn play and wait & wait và play & play & wait, and that"s incredibly boring.Dear EA: You are total bastards. Love, everyone who bought C&C4.Worse still, the persistent unloông xã system is used to lớn justify an anti-piracy measure that"s the equal of Ubisoft"s always-online DRM for pure contempt. No matter what mode you"re in, if you thất bại your internet connection for any I reason, you"re kicked out of the game j until it resumes. Progress will be lost, và train-based boredom will not be killed.

Is this a worthwhile for having your XP, unlocks & scores constantly monitored and updated? The answer begins with, ends with "o bloody way""..All that said, when you"ve played long enough khổng lồ unlochồng a decent clutch of units và enter the fray with a bunch of people in a similar position to lớn you, the game does feels right, turning into the bastard child of World in Conflict and Company of Heroes - it has the instant action appeal of the former & the tug-of-war of the latter.

Frankly, it"s just not C&C without base-building and harvesters, but with the right unlocks and the right players it has a bloomin" good go at being epic sci-fi warfare. Co-operation is key, và also hard lớn avoid: as one vs one currently is the only way to lớn fight entirely alone. You need a Defence player setting up turrets to lớn guard caps, a Support guy deploying his magic powers to lớn bail you out of a fraught fight, và you need an Offence player to get into that fraught fight in the first place. Things clicks together when all multiplayer pieces are in place, but it"s unfulfilling in single-player.

While longevity hangs upon the multiplayer mode, và the potential string of patches và DLC - aargh! -unlocks therein, the reason this game really exists are the previous title"s singleplayer modes. People have grown up with C&C for 15 years; they"re buying lớn find out what happens, và to lớn have some neat scripted missions.I"ve already banged on about how pathetic the story is, but the missions fall short too. The trouble with the new structure, regardless of its multiplayer merits, is that it permits very little variation. It"s just a race to biff some other stuff on small, palpably arena-like maps. It tries to insert a little more oomph - a giant spaceship at one point, a tiny Kane pixel-man at another - here và there, but it feels limited và cheap.

Knowing that most of the developers were mix to lớn đại bại their jobs once C&C4 was completed, và that this game began as an RTS that was unrelated to lớn prior C&C releases it"s hard not feel that this was a compromised project. If it is indeed the last gasp of C&C as we know it, it"s an incredibly sad way lớn go out. With a little more money, a little more time và a whole lot more reverence for what makes C&C C&C, the tiny exploding acorn underneath this confused, scrawny thing could have sầu become a mighty oak of modern strategy. Take care of yourself, Mr Kane. It was good while it lasted.