In the Poketháng - White Version 2 the Poketháng trainer is in a new region lớn find new pokemon who were locked in the previous version Pokemon - White Version.

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File Name:6150 - Pokemon White Version 2 (DSi Enhanced)(U)(frieNDS).7z
Year of release:2012

Pokemon White Version 2 ROM Download for Nintenbởi DS

Pokemon White Version 2 is a part of the fifth generation of the Poketháng video clip games series. Moreover, this game is a direct sequel khổng lồ the Poketháng Blaông xã và Poketháng White. The Pokemon trainer"s journey begins as he tries khổng lồ become Pokemon Champion of Unova, two years after the events of Blaông chồng and White. The game additionally introduces new features such as the Key System, Hidden Grottoes, new cities, & newly available Pokémon.

trò chơi Plot

Pokétháng White 2 takes place two years after Pokémon White version. It is a third-person RPG-style game. In totality, there are three scenes. First is the overworld in which the player explores the character. The subsequent one is the fight screen, & the third is the thực đơn. In the menu screen, players can kiến thiết the gathering or change the game settings. The interactivity additionally incorporates one mentor that assists with catching the Pokémon utilizing the jab balls. In one game, players can convey the six coaches. The interactivity depends on the four moves that additionally incorporate the assaulting movement. The main characters of the game are Nate & Rosa, who are the male và female protagonists respectively, Hughis the rival of Pokémon White 2, Neo Team Plasma is the antagonistic group.

Like other core series of Poketháng games, players need lớn trade between versions to complete the Pokedex. Here, the battles consist of the player sending out their Poketháng with the intention khổng lồ lower the opponent"s Pokemon to lớn zero energy points.

Best Emulator for Poketháng White Version 2

Pokémon White 2 was launched on the Nintenvày DS console. To play Pokémon White 2 on any other device, one needs emulators.Before downloading the Poketháng White Version 2, you would need to tải về & install the Nintenvày DS emulator on your device. There are few more good Nintendo DS emulators such as Dualis, NeonDS, iDeaS, Project64 for your Windows PC.

Similar Games

As this version is the sequel to the Poketháng White Version, these have some standard features & few other games which you would enjoy playing equally like this version.

Some of them are:

Poketháng Blaông chồng and White VersionThey are the first instalments in the Fifth generation of Poketháng đoạn Clip game series. This version even introduced 156 new Poketháng to lớn the franchise.Additionally, they developed many new specialities like a periodical cycle, rotation fights, fully animated Poketháng sprites & triple battles.

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Pokemon Ruby and SapphireAs the Pokemon Ruby và Sapphire are under the third generation of the Pokemon video games series, they are known as "Advanced Generation".As with previous games, the primary goals were khổng lồ catch all of the Poketháng in the games & defeat the Elite Four. Just like their predecessors, the games" main subplot concerns the player character defeating a criminal organization that attempts khổng lồ take over the region.Pokemon Omega Ruby and Altrộn SapphireThis one is a remake or more lượt thích an updated version of the Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire. Even though it"s a remake, they have sầu most of the features from Poketháng X & Y, consisting of Mega Evolution & Super Training.The game also consists of other features lượt thích flying around the Hoenn region, using Latgame ios or Latias.Poketháng X and YThis version comes under the sixth generation of the Pokemon video games series. Here, the game takes place in the Kalos region. The key objective here is to lớn prsự kiện the schemes of the criminal organization, Team Flare from befalling.Poke MMOPoke MMO is an energizing new kích hoạt, Adventure, MMO, RPG & Puzzle computer game that offers a Pokémon like game-play và mechanics. With an uncomtháng và a standout amongst another blover of Action, Adventure, RPG and MMO highlights, Poke MMO lets you draw in into lớn epic building and boss khủng hunting standard and appreciate the game. With testing riddles & journeys, Poke MMO will leave sầu you enchanted for a long while.GeoSocietyGeoSociety is a splendid action-adventure, RPG và puzzle game. The game is roused by Pokétháng và various outdated games that way. GeoSociety leaves you alone a worker of the Geo society, & your errvà is to lớn catch multiple beasts, breed them & ensure the animals living in the GeoSociety lớn make the GeoRealm secure & flourishing.Dragon CityThe game permits you to lớn build an enormous dragon thành phố on floating islands, train và raise, và pet various types of mythical serpents, train them for fights & hotshot their strength và force. Winged serpent City lets you train your mythical beasts and make them ready lớn hold various incredible capacities and details, use them against the foes in epic fights và appreciate all the good times.