The sự kiện place in this game is Johto & Kanlớn regions. In a small town in this region is born a Pokemon trainer và in the beginning, you chose one of the three Pokemon to lớn start your journey khổng lồ complete the Pokedex, catalog of poketháng you should catch on your journey và defeat the best Pokemon trainer in Johlớn & Kanlớn region.

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File Name:4787 - Poketháng - HeartGold Version (U).rar
Year of release:2009

Poketháng HeartGold ROM Download for NDS

Poketháng HeartGold is an upgraded remake of Poketháng Gold và Silver, including a few features from Pokemon Crystal. It is a part of the fourth generation of the Poketháng đoạn phim games series, developed by Game Freak.

trò chơi Plot

The Poketháng HeartGold takes place in the Johlớn & Kankhổng lồ region of the franchise"s fictional universe, which features remarkable Poketháng creatures. The prime mission of the game is khổng lồ become the best Poketháng trainer in both the Johto và Kanlớn regions, which is done by raising and recording Poketháng & conquering other trainers.


Here most of the Pokemon evolve into new species of Poketháng when they reach a certain cấp độ after gaining experience points or when met with certain conditions. One of the new features is that the player can talk khổng lồ the Poketháng lớn kiểm tra or see how the Pokemon feels, and seldom it may piông chồng up things.

Best Emulator from Poketháng HeartGold Version ROM

To play the Poketháng HeartGold, you would first need khổng lồ download and install a Nintenvị DS emulator on your device because most Poketháng games run if there is a supporting emulator.

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Emulator lượt thích DeSmuMe is quite famous và suitable for your Windows PC & MAC because it continually improves and has USB controller support. On both platforms, this emulator performs smoothly. It also releases nightly builds and has high compatibility.

Similar Games

Below listed are three of the games related lớn Pokemon HeartGold, which has similar features & which you may enjoy playing.

They are:

Pokemon Rumble In the Poketháng Rumble, the player can control the Poketháng as they battle in a series of narrow dungeons & caged arenas. The player commences off with a low-level Poketháng with only one attaông xã at their disposal. By battling wild Poketháng over several levels, the player receives coins that can be used to lớn buy new moves or obtain more Pokemon.Poketháng Rumble Blast: The game is similar khổng lồ its predecessor Pokemon Rumble, where the player explores various regions while fighting with the enemy Poketháng. Here, there is a boss Pokemon who awaits at the over of each dungeon. The responsibility of each trùm rises as the player advances throughout the game.In this version, there are many towns where each town has machines, and the player can buy new moves, release their Pokemon if they have sầu too many. And you know what"s more remarkable in the town? It has a fountain filled with Glow Drops, which would heal your Pokemon.Pokemon Rumble U: The Pokemon Rumble U is a successor of Poketháng Rumble Blast. Here, up to 100 Pokemon và four players can play at the same time without any hurdles!New battle areas are unlocked as the game progresses and the player advances. Moreover, the player can further select battle areas from the thực đơn.