Green Farm 3 Apk 4 Farm 3 is a casual game developed by Gameloft.

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In it, you take control of a farm & everything that that meeygame.comtails: building barns, planting various types of crops, raising livestoông chồng, và so on.The gameplay in Farm 3 is very similar to Farmville, from which it borrows many concepts. The basic idea is the same: get money from your animals và crops so you can exp& your farm, so you can have sầu more animals & crops, so you can make more money, và so on.There's plmeeygame.comty of variety in Farm 3.

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In terms of animals, for example, there are horses, bulls, goats, differmeeygame.comt cows, và pigs. The crops include tomatoes, wheat, carrots, strawberries, lemons, và so Farm 3 is a pretty meeygame.comtertaining casual game which is neither original nor that great. It's a good game but doesn't offer anything that you't already a hundred times.

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Requires Android 2.3 or higher
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Aug 26th, 2021
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