Attack On Titan Tribute Download

Program license DemoVersion 0.1042015Size 22.88 MBWorks under: Windows 7Program available in EnglishProgram by Fenglee1

Attack on Titung Tribute is a new game that follows the characters và stories featured in the popular manga series. Since first released in 2009, the series grew lớn include multiple novels, television shows & several videos games, including this new multiplayer game that it suitable for all levels of players.

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Unlike other officially licensed games in the series, this is a game that fans of the series created as a tribute. Though popular with players around the world, it does have sầu some faults. Most of those issues occur because those who designed & created it have sầu less experience. That does not mean that it isn"t a fun game though. This is one that you can play for a few hours, put away for days or weeks và come back to play again.

Though only available as a kiểm tra, it gives you an idea of what you can expect khổng lồ see in the future. You"ll notice a clear lachồng of detail in your first few minutes of play. While some of the backgrounds are gorgeous, the characters are not yet fully developed. Many have sầu the classic faces that you expect lớn see, but you may notice the laông xã of detail relating khổng lồ their clothing & bodies.

Once you download and start the game, you can choose to lớn play some of the top characters from Attaông chồng on Titung. The game then sends you inkhổng lồ a battle simulation & asks you khổng lồ attack và kill the invading titans lớn save the world. As with the manga, you"ll find that the titans have sầu only one weak spot, which makes killing all the invaders a little harder than you might think.

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You start the game with grappling hooks that let you move sầu through each level. Use those hooks khổng lồ fly through the air, attack titans and score more points. Though it might sound easy, this is harder than it looks. At the same time that you control your character, you must adjust the camera khổng lồ view your surroundings, attachồng others, dodge attacks và jump at the right time. You must bởi all that with just your mouse và your keyboard, which may leave you feeling frustrated and downright annoyed.

As a người game, Attaông xã on Titan Tribute is exactly what most players expect. Though the designer offered software updates in the past, the company no longer supports this game. While you can still download và play Attack on Titan Tribute, keep in mind that the designer no longer offers patches or updates.


Features dozens of characters from the mangaUses worlds & levels that fans loveDesigned as a tribute or homage lớn the original seriesGorgeous backgrounds & facial details


Frustrating và sometimes annoying game playLack of details on most charactersNo support available from the designer/developerCamera will sometimes move sầu on its own