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Do you have sầu an android device? Then play the không tính tiền point-and-click room-escape game 100 Safes here. If you get stuông xã with 100 Safes, then you can find hints và help on this blog.
Here is the full walkthrough solution for the point-and-click room escape game: Courage Saw from You can play Courage Saw trò chơi here. (Also called Coraje Saw Game). This step by step guide will help you escape... alive! Help & detailed explanations provided with screen prints of the rooms.

About Courage Saw Game
: The evil Pigsaw as kidnapped Muriel y Eustace to force Courage lớn play his deadful & tiwsted game. Courage will have sầu khổng lồ find 9 fragments of a magic medallion lớn rescue his beloved family. You need to help hyên ổn... before it"s too late! This is a difficult escape game và can take you a couple of hours to solve!

Take the Godzilla movie.Place the chair in front of the PC.Go out.Go left.Go left down stairs.Go out the house (South)
Take the green gem.Take the oto keys in the sand on the left.Go baông xã.Use the oto keys on the oto lớn learn it is out of gas.Use the map và teleport to lớn Motel Katz
Take the hat.Look at the objects as per the side of the khách sạn.Chair:8, Painting:9, Counter:6, Clipboard:5. Code: 8965.xuất hiện the door using the keypad & entering the code 8965. (remember your order will be different!)Enter.
Grab the remote control và projector.Talk to Shirley to lớn learn she need something before she will help you.Travel to lớn the gas station.
Take the nails behind the left cactus.Travel home page.Load the godzilla movie into lớn the projector.EnterGo up.Go SouthPlace the projector on the X.
Take the cord... & as soon as you see the shadow, use the remote on the projector. The movie of godzilla will scare the shadow away.Take the cord. You will get the first part of the medallion.Go out, right, South to the PC.Use the wire on the wall socket plug.Climb on the chair & use the PC.

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Learn about creepy hands...Yea, it is the same box.You will need the totem from the safe at the motel.You will get a paper.Travel to lớn the motel & enter.Look at the paper.
Open the safe by following the paper: (your code could be different)2 x left, 3x right,4x left, 1x right.The safe will open.Take the totem.Travel khổng lồ the woods.
Take the red gem from the grass.Travel home page.Go lớn the box on the table... (From the bottom of the stairs, go right.)Use the green và red gems on the totem.Use the yellow key khổng lồ open the box.Hide under the table then use the totem on the floor.
Place the slot machine on the XTalk to lớn the fox "would you lượt thích khổng lồ try your luck..."Give the coin lớn the foxAfter the animation...Take the jug và medallion piece.
When the ghost appear you have sầu 10 seconds... travel to the museum và put the board into lớn the gap in the sarcophagus.
You will receive the last piece of the medallian from the mummy.Go trang chính.Enter your house.Use the medallion on the painting.