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gọi of Duty: Advanced Warfare predicts the powerful battlegrounds of the future, where both công nghệ & tactics have taken steps lớn usher in a new era of combat for the franchise. Kevin Spacey is Jonathan Irons -- one of the most notorious men in the world -- shaping this chilling vision of the future of war. The game unfolds in a plausible future in which technological, telesis & today"s military practices have sầu converged with real world consequences. In this image of the future, Private Military Corporations have become the dominant armed forces for many countries who must outsource their military needs, redrawing borders và rewriting international law. Irons, the founder và president of the world"s largest PMC, Atlas Corporation, is at the vortex of these tectonic plates.Suit up for combat in exoskeletons that advance every facet of a soldier"s battle readiness, enabling combatants khổng lồ deploy with an advanced lethality & eliminating the need for specialization. Players tout enhanced player movement & verticality through boost jumps & grappling, covert cloaking abilities, and biomechanics that provide keen strength, awareness, endurance, and tốc độ. With the advent of the exoskeleton & newly advanced armor và weaponry, every soldier commands tactical freedom in any terrain unlượt thích ever before.

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Developer: TreyarchPublisher: ActivisionGenre: ShooterLanguage: EN / MultiTreatment: Not requiredRelease Date: 2014

Minimum System Requirements

CPU: Intel Chip Core i3-530

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2.60 GHzRAM: 6 GBOS: Windows 7 64-Bit / Windows 8 64-Bit / Windows 8.1 64-BitVideo Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 (1 GB) or AMD Radeon HD 5870 (1 GB)Free Disk Space: 55 GB

Recommended System Requirements

CPU: Hãng sản xuất Intel Vi xử lý Core i5-2500K
3.30GHzRAM: 8 GBOS: Windows 7 64-Bit / Windows 8 64-Bit / Windows 8.1 64-BitVideo Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 (4 GB)Free Disk Space: 55 GB

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1. Mount ISO Image with DaemonToolsLite & install the game2. Copy nội dung of the folder "PROPHET" lớn the installed games directory (with replace)3. Play