Alien shooter 2

An expanded version Alien Shooter 2: Vengeance, which featured the addition of few new levels, simplified role-playing system & a several minor changes. This version was created in order khổng lồ make the game more suitable for shareware distribution (with the size of only 400 Mb). Voice-overs were, however, cut from this release (but still could be restored if the thư mục "speech" is moved inlớn the game"s directory from the original Alien Shooter: Vengeance).

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Thank you for being interested in my project.

To install the modification, just download one of the two launchers in the files section.The gian lận works separately from the game. You bởi not need lớn install the game. Campaign mode disabled. If you want lớn play this mode liên hệ with me in private messages.

After downloading the file, you need to lớn run the launcher, & it will do all the work for you.After downloading, the "App" folder will appear. It contains game files, as well as a map editor.Please note that it only works with this mod. Updates also come out through the launcher.

Important fact!If you edited the files, game must be run through "AlienShooter_OE.exe".This tệp tin is located in the App folder after installing the modification.


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Release 1.1bJan 26 2019Weapon"s+

Fixed sound playbachồng, scripting ability, new monsters and redesigned maps.


Update Log #2Aug 5 2018Weapon"s+

This update brings scriptable weapons and concept survival mode.


Update LogJul 30 2018Weapon"s+ 2 comments

Another update with fresh & new nội dung, more advanced this time.


Alien Shooter 2 - Mod Pack released , Deeper Colours, widescreen Support, Sound Overhaul, và more!Jan 28 2016News 14 comments

Enhanced Colours, New Weapon Sounds, New Creepy Ambient Music, Widescreen Fix, Bit more Money... This Mod Pachồng contains everything you need!

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AS2 Immersive sầu Sounds 1.1Dec 24 2021Full Version

Updated version of my Immersive Sounds hack.

AS2 Immersive sầu Sound modDec 24 2021Full Version

Sound mod for Alien Shooter 2 that generally makes the sounds "not shit".

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Objects Extended Project (Русская версия)Oct 30 2020Objects Extended Project Full Version 1 bình luận

Русская версия модификации. Данный релиз отличается от версии с лаунчером лишь способом...

Objects Extended Project (English version)Oct 30 2020Objects Extended Project Full Version 5 comments

English version of the modification. This release differs from the version with the launcher only in the way of distribution.

Objects Extended Project (Русская версия) - ЛаунчерJun 19 2020Objects Extended Project Full Version

Данная модификация позиционируется в первую очередь как крупная база для модмейкеров...

Objects Extended Project (English Version) - LauncherJun 19 2020Objects Extended Project Full Version

Thank you for being interested in my project! This modification is positioned primarily as a major base for gian lận makers, và combines nội dung from several...

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DemonSpawnn Sep 15 2021

Too bad this game didn"t get faithful continuation

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ermaccer Aug đôi mươi 2015

Does anybody toàn thân is interested in modding of this game?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Duchenkuke Aug 29 2015

yeah actually I am thinking about a sound Replacement. Guns và effect, maybe a Music replacement ... I am just getting started yet

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uriq50 Jul 31 2015

Play Alinen Shooter 2 on the network can only be a small map at: survival and his ilk.The other day, came across an interesting observation. Coop-lvà.ru

It says that you can play co-op campaign mode.1) From the folder: ( Alien Shooter 2 Maps)2) Copy the files (all Level_ (figure) .lgc & Level_ (figure) .map.)3) Go khổng lồ the ( Alien Shooter 2 Maps CAREER) và paste files.In the game go in the multiplayer game and choose "career", và choose from the map "Level_01.", Waiting for a friend.

I was wildly interesting, and I personally verify this.1.) It was found that the first player khổng lồ appear, but with bare hands, as the cấp độ of proficiency in weapons available.2.) Winsvega, as I talked about the second problem: The second player sees only the starting position, and his character is not displayed on the maps.

I would really like to play co-op on the network, & I was able khổng lồ cheat in something .lgc configuration file lớn the bản đồ, so in the game, both players are displayed, but not always.In general, we need a programmer who will be able to figure it out. As far as I understvà - it"s simple, you need only a basic knowledge of the code.

You must configure file survive_01.lgc correctly apply tệp tin Level_01.lgc. And this is not difficult, but I have sầu such a laông xã of programming knowledge.